The Secret To Transforming Your Relationship with Food, Eating & Body Weight

This groundbreaking free video training gives you the simple tools you need to understand….

  • Why you got caught in a harmful cycle with food and diets (Hint: It’s NOT your fault!)
  • Why it’s been impossible to break the cycle using traditional “diets”  (HINT: You’re not weak!)
  • How to follow the simple steps to begin transforming your food, eating and weight once and for all. (HINT: There IS a solution)

My message is one of hope...

Over the last 30 years, I’ve worked with thousands of people who felt there was no way out from their obsession and cravings with food. Using my simple formula, they transformed their eating and their weight — without any dieting or deprivation!. They now live a life that is happy, healthy and free!

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Set Yourself Free from the Cycle of Emotional 
Eating, Destructive Diets and Low Self-Esteem

The Sane Food Solution® is NOT a diet. Diets require you to starve yourself… then put on weight… When that happens, you feel guilty, ashamed and hopeless. They damage your relationships and leave you feeling deprived and exhausted.

You don’t need to search for the next “miracle diet.” In fact, you don’t need a diet at all. With the simple steps of the Sane Food Solution®, which I’ll share in this training, you’ll discover a new way of eating that is customized to your unique body type, needs, goals, schedule, and lifestyle.

It will fit as comfortably as your favorite sweatshirt and leave you feeling safe and satisfied. You’ll take your first steps in transforming your relationship with food and eating and start becoming the person you want to be.

What You'll Discover in this Video Series:


Why it's not your fault

How food manufacturers hook you into eating their food, setting you up to eat more and more. 


How to stay in control and feel "normal"

The ingredients and foods that are safe for you and will fill you up, keep you satisfied and help you feel in control of your eating.


What your body needs

How to give your body exactly what it needs for you
to feel safe, healthy and satisfied.


The hidden traps to avoid

How diets have been created to ensure you fail and make you feel guilty

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What Others Are Saying:

“Theresa is more than a dietitian.

She is a true miracle worker. I have been battling my eating disorder for more than 30 years.

Theresa gets me in a way no one else does. Her guidance allows me to be sober with food and my insane eating practices."


“Before I met Theresa I was struggling in body, mind and spirit.

Not only did she develop a daily food plan for me, she gave me much needed kindness.

Through ups and downs, Theresa has always been there for me. Thank you, Theresa."


“I still know I have a ways to go, but losing 100 pounds has been a big step for me. 

I have been off antidepressants for a couple of years now.

Exercise is still a struggle for me, but I am more mobile. I want to thank Theresa for helping me get to this point in my life."


Get Instant Access to the FREE Video Training Series

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