Trigger Food Freedom

Discover the exact characteristics of the foods that cause your obsessive and compulsive thoughts around food so you can quickly take control of how you feel around food.


How Trigger Food Freedom Will Help You

How often have you felt guilty about the food you’ve eaten? Have you eaten in secret, hiding the evidence because you wish you hadn’t eaten it and don’t want others to know? Guilt and shame are such corrosive feelings, and even the people meant to help you can leave you feeling judged that you haven’t stuck to your diet.

The most important thing that I want you to understand is that it’s not you! You are not greedy, lacking in willpower of any of the other things you hear and tell yourself.

It’s certain man-made, processed and over-refined foods on our plates that is the real cause of overeating. Those foods can cause physical changes in your brain that make you obsess over food. When you understand how easily anyone can become hooked on certain foods, you will realize that you're not alone and that millions of people are going through the same thing you are.

The Trigger Food Freedom exercise takes only 5 minutes and can be done by anyone, but will reveal the foods that are keeping you trapped so you can start to step away from compulsive and obsessive feelings around food.

You Will Discover:

The Real Reason You Feel Trapped by Food

I'll explain how and why your brain chemicals are reacting to the food you eat and FORCING you to make decisions that leave you feeling guilty.

Why Millions of People Are in the Exact Same Position

You are not alone.  There is a reason our country has an obesity epidemic and it has nothing to do with willpower.


Discover the Hidden Foods That Are Keeping You Trapped

When you know WHY you are trapped, it's so much simpler to take action to free yourself.  You're going to discover exactly what has kept you trapped.

A Simple Exercise That Works for Everyone

The Trigger Food Exercise is fast and simple.  It will take you about 5 minutes to complete and will reveal the information you need to feel in control around food.

Trigger Food Freedom

Unlock the secret and hidden foods that trigger your compulsive and obsessive thoughts so you can take control around food.

In a simple 5 minute exercise, you'll discover the exact characteristics of the foods that have the strongest hold over you, so you can start to move away from them.  

If you've ever struggled with diets, you'll realize why they can never work and that you need a simple solution that is unique to you.

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What my clients are saying:

Theresa is more than a dietitian. She is a true miracle worker.

My time with her so far has been life changing. Theresa's guidance allows me to focus on growing, healing and on life. Theresa's allows me to be sober with food and my insane eating practices. I am so grateful to Theresa and the abundant life I am getting to live. Theresa gets me in a way no one else does.

F.N.  //  New York

I developed an unhealthy relationship with food in my earliest years

I was put on my first diet by the time I was 11 years old. Theresa led the way but never forced me. Slowly and gently, Theresa earned my trust.

And for the first time in my life, I was losing weight without being hungry. Theresa’s way has helped my body to heal and repair itself after years of yo-yo dieting, obesity, and malnourishment.

C. R.  //  Philladephia

What You'll Get in "Trigger Food Freedom"

The Trigger Food Freedom exercise is a simple, powerful exercise that will reveal the key charcteristics of the foods that cause you the biggest problems and keep you trapped.  If you suffer from obsessive and compulsive thoughts around food, it will reveal WHY it is not your fault and what you need to do to move forward.

  1. 1
    Understand your brain has been hijacked because you are hypersensitive to certain processed and man-made foods.  I'll explain exactly what's happened to you and what you need to do to free yourself from it.
  2. 2
    Understand the key characteristics of your triggers foods so you know what they are and can avoid them.  When you know what is causing the problem and why, you are back in control and able to take action.
  3. 3
    Use what makes you unique to break free.    Diets can never be the answer because they keep you feeling deprived.  Understanding your trigger foods is the first step to creating a unique plan that revolves 100% around you, your lifestyle and your personal preferences.

H. Theresa Wright  //  Dietician

Ever since I first discovered that the food we eat is transformed into our hearts, lungs, skin and eyeballs, I've been fascinated by how food impacts our lives.  ​

For many people, food brings up feeling of obsession and compulive behaviour.  I ask them, "What has gone wrong between you and food?"  

I always listen to their answers, and I explain that obesity is a symptom.  It is a cause and result of something else.  I wonder what it is for you.

I invite you to let me act as your guide so I can lead you to a place where you feel in control of food and live the life you deserve.

With Blessings,


If not me, who?  If not now, when?

This short and simple exercise will give you the information you need to start taking control back over food.  

You need to understand it is not your fault.  Will power can never succeed because the root cause is the chemical imbalance in your brain.  The Trigger Food Freedom exercise will show you the exact characteristics of the food that are stopping you from living the live you deserve.

Usually $27

Yours today for only $7

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