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Codependency ​is a psychosocial condition that​ is characterized by extreme focus outside of self, a lack of open expression of feelings, and attempts to derive a sense of purpose through relationships.  Those suffering with codependency have boundary and control issues,  as well as physical, emotional, and psychological consequences. Individuals suffering with codependency are susceptible to stress-related medical problems as well as psychological problems.

Food is ​found in all human life activities, from eating alone while watching TV to serving as the ​focal point of ​various celebrations and social gatherings. Occasional overindulgence is a natural and common experience and one for which our bodies ​can handle; however, people who have healthy relationships with food can recognize when they’ve had enough and stop eating.  Those who have a food addiction don’t stop. Even when faced with significant physical, emotional, and social consequences, they continue eating.

To understand Codependency and ​its relationship with food, we need look their common basis in spirituality.  While many people equate spirituality with religion, spirituality is not religion - spirituality is good orderly direction.  Eating is a spiritual experience.  The food we eat becomes us - our eyes, muscles, and bones.  Eating together, or breaking bread together, often serves as a way for a group of people to join together more closely.  To overcome codependency we need a spirituality of honesty, openness, and willingness.

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Vincent DiPasquale, MA

​Vince, a noted lecturer and educator in the ​New Jersey/Pennsylvania/Delaware area, has been active in the field of addiction since 1977. He is the founder and former director of The Starting Point, Inc. of NJ in Haddon Township, New Jersey. The Starting Point is an outpatient counseling center specializing in the areas of dependencies and functions as a support system for each individual’s personal growth.

With his friendly manner and down-to-earth lectures, has assisted many to enter a new sense of awareness and come to realize and accept that the power to institute change comes from within. While sharing his own spiritual and emotional growth, he guides his listeners in increasing their self-esteem and allowing old fears and behaviors to make way for a new and fulfilling lifestyle.


H. Theresa Wright, 


Ever since I first discovered that the food we eat is transformed into our hearts, lungs, skin and eyeballs, I've been fascinated by how food impacts our lives.  

For many people, food brings up feelings of fear, cravings, obsession and compulsive behavior. For others, food is used to manage or "numb out" from difficult situations or memories. Learning to nourish the body well, and enjoy the life you can create, is the purpose of our work together.

I ask my clients, "What has gone wrong between you and food?" I always listen carefully to their answers, and I explain that obesity is a symptom, a cause, or the result of something else.  I wonder what it is for you.


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