Ready to set yourself free from the cycle of emotional eating and destructive diets?

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5 SANE Food Principles

Discover 5 simple, SANE (Sustainable, Abundant, Nutritious, Effective) principles you can use immediately to begin to set yourself free from abusive eating.

Let go of the food and eating plans that never work long term for anybody... come back to FOOD SANITY... and start becoming the person you want to be.

Has Life Become Unmanageable?

Did you know that some people are simply allergic to refined, over-processed and man-made foods which can change the balance of chemicals in your brain?

This changes your appetite, your mood, and your body weight.

Say "NO" to Deprivation and Hunger

Some people struggle with cravings, emotional eating, obesity, and the constant feeling that things are out of control.

SANE Food will help you build a relationship with your body that makes you both feel happy and fulfilled.

SANE Food will help you begin to create the life you want

Let go of the food and eating plans that never work long term for anybody.

Come back to FOOD SANITY.

My name is Theresa Wright.  In my 30+ years as a Registered Dietitian, I've helped over 9000 people transform their relationship with food.  My clients have had great success transforming their eating habits and reaching their ideal weight.

Many of these clients carried over 100 pounds of extra weight and had lost all hope before they found me.  

I can show you a sane way to end the struggle with food, eating and body weight, and have the health, inner peace and freedom you deserve.

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All this can be yours, right now, for free!

With the all of the restrictions on our lives today, food can become the pacifier used to escape for a while, and this can lead to unhealthy eating patterns. Make a decision to not let this happen.
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