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  • Revealed: How food steals your willpower if you are hypersensitive to specific man-made and artificial foods.
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Set Yourself Free from the Cycle of Emotional
Eating, Destructive Diets and Low Self-Esteem

How Your Body Maintains Itself

Your body is a complex machine able to handle the challenges life throws at you, yet it's crucial to understand how to best nourish and protect it.

How Food Affects Your Weight and Your Thoughts

The food we eat has a direct impact on our weight and our thoughts... often in ways you'd never expect.

How Processing Food Changes Your Ability to See What Is Happening

Certain man-made foods give you a "brain-fog" that robs you of the life you deserve to lead.

How to Stop That Reaction and Bring Your Weight to Normal

Diets will never work for you (and you probably know that already.)  Discover how to gently and lovingly solve the problem.

What others are saying about this guide:

Theresa is more than a dietitian. 

She is a true miracle worker. I have been battling my eating disorder for more than 30 years.  Theresa gets me in a way no one else does.  Her guidance allows me to be sober with food and my insane eating practices.

F. N.  //  New York

Theresa is a voice I can trust.

Before I met Theresa I was struggling in body, mind and spirit.   Not only did she develop a daily food plan for me, she gave me much needed kindness.  Through ups and downs, Theresa has always been there for me. Thank you, Theresa

E. N.  //  Philadelphia

All this can be yours, right now, for free!

It's time to understand what went wrong between you and food. You are not alone, I've been helping people break free from the food trap for over 30 years. Let me help you. Download my guide now.

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